Selected Pictures From 2013

Jan/Feb/Mar - Miscellaneous Pictures

Compliments of Bush Hogging New Horse Trails Thru Woods

Kasie & Smokey - Eating Acrons - Not Good

Kasie & Smokey In the Snow

30 Jan Tornado Thru Back Yard - Trees Snapped Off Like Match Sticks

Memorial Transplant from Butter Cup Ridge Ride in Cannon County

Riding Kasie in Crossville - During Hunting Season

Riding Smokey in Crossville - During Hunting Season

Crossville Trails

Thunder - First Ride in More Than a Year

Touch - First Ride in Over 2 Years

Starmaker - 25 Year Old Stallion

Valley Rose

Becky - The Pasture Flower Pot

Sally - The Big Baby

Apr - 5 Days at Crossville

Apr - Run & Ride Event at Catoosa Ridge

May - 14 Days at Crossville
Riding, Cutting Trees, Bushhogging Trails, & Loafing

Jun - Miscellaneous Non-Ride Pictures

Post Bonnaroo

Returned to the Wild

Beauty at the Gas Station

AEDC Fellows - Current and Past

With Fellows Banquet Guest Speaker
Former Co-Worker & Recently Retired Brigadier General

With Former Co-Workers at Fellows Banquet

Jul/Aug/Sep - Miscellaneous Pictures

Oct/Nov/Dec - Miscellaneous Pictures

Sunrise 15 October 2013

Sunset 21 October 2013

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